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Quality Assurance

INTERGLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED operate a Quality Management System that complies with ISO 9001, 9004 or BS 5750. Company activities are based upon a central head office management organization working within a documented Quality System. The system controls Purchasing, Estimating, Administration and Quality Assurance. The Quality Management System is documented in the Company Quality Assurance Manual.

Key to Sucess

  1. Planning:
    At contract award, INTERGLOBAL’s first priority is to meet with all key individuals involved in the project to review every aspect of the project and to schedule each phase of the work in line with the project completion date.
  2. Personnel:
    Our experienced management team, engineers and supervisors have the technical know-how to lead our crew in all kinds of working conditions.
  3. Equipment:
    Our seasoned labour force uses machinery and equipment that are well maintained and hand tools that are in excellent working conditions.
  4. Logistic support:
    The immediate needs of crews working at our various sites are given quickest aenon through our 24 hour on-call system.
  5. HSES (Health, safety, Environment and Security): A full-time HSSE Manager coordinates INTERGLOBAL’s entire safety program. His leadership in training the entire workforce creates a safety consciousness that is carried into the workplace. By pre-job safety planning meetings, investigation and follow- up of accident/incident reports. Regular safety audits and unscheduled job site inspection to keep HSE in the forefront.
  6. Quality: We believe that quality keeps the job going. All materials to be used for any job are quality checked to assure their newness, freedom from defects and suitability for their intended use. An experienced quality controller is engaged for that purpose. He uses his discreon while ensuring that the job is executed in accordance with laid down quality standards.

INTERGLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is engaged in the provision of all engineering needs of the oil companies. Our areas of operaons are, but not limited to, Mechanical, Civil, Building, Electrical, Construction, Procurement, Transport Services, Project Management and Supply.
It is the policy of INTERGLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED to provide our Clients with products and services, which conforms to all specified requirements in a timely and cost of effective manner.
For INTERGLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, Quality is one of the most important
means for achieving the objectives of our engagement. The concept of quality includes all aspect and features of a product or services having the purpose to satisfy Client requirements and expectations.
We have established a Quality System based on ISO 9001, Quality System Model for Quality Assurance in Design/Development, Production, Installation and Servicing. All procedures, documentation and pracce, in all areas, are equipped to meeting the requirement of this international standard.
The achievement of these Quality Objectives and, as a consequence, of the basic objective to keep on operating as a competitive and successful Company, depends on the quality of personnel, on the adequacy of organization, on commitment to work and, above all, on everybody’s attiude to the problem of quality.
All personnel have the responsibility, the authority and organizational freedom to identify and evaluate quality concerns and to iniate solutions. The works are committed to continuous improvement of quality and are encouraged to be actively involved in defect prevention and early detection and elimination of non- conformances.
The Quality Assurance and Quality Control department acts independently from other departments with the QA/QC Manager as head. The Manager of QA/QC function has got the necessary authority and freedom of initiave to check that the Quality System is correctly implemented and to propose and start any corrective acon whenever deemed necessary.
The QA/QC Manager has the support
of the Top Management to ensure, by any means, that the Quality Policies outlined in this Quality Manual are fully implemented and that proper development and improvement programs are prepared, put into effect and monitored.

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