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Our Performance

The story of INTERGLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED since its incorporation in Nigeria in has been one of success. Since the breaking of the acceptance barrier, as usually happens to most new business operations, particularly, where the technical skills and expertise required are of very high standards, the company has continued to grow. Projects signed-on, and successfully completed and commissioned are testimonies to the company’s expertise.
Road construction is an increasingly significant area of INTERGLOBAL’s operations. The Company’s many achievements in the construction sector have added flavour to its reputation nationally.
Some of our completed projects include thousands of kilometers of urban and rural roads and highways construction, maintenance and rehabilitation, as well as bridges and runways for major airports. We ensure that our roads have appropriate surfaces suitable for the targeted traffic with optimum grip, driving comfort and maximum excellent service life.
Whether working on highways, country urban roads, new construction or rehabilitation, airports surfacing, be it flexible or rigid pavement with asphalt or concrete structures, our highly qualified staff of local and expatriate professionals devote their outstanding technical know- how and construction experience. Special emphasis is often given to sustainable and environmentally viable solution right from project conceptualization (turn-key), initial planning/design stage through construction to maintenance of the roads.
The INTERGLOBAL has a record of completing numerous building projects across the Country, including many complex, high tech and breath-taking buildings. Some of the buildings were turn-key projects, involving feasibility studies,preliminaryand detailed design,
construction,procurement (both locally and from Overseas), equipment installation, etc.

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